Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hunger Games fan art by Miranda Leiggi

When reading a novel it's often difficult to describe how one imagines or casts the characters in one's mind. They usually are nondescript phantoms if you really try to picture the character. When reading the Hunger Games trilogy (or listening to the audiobooks, in my case) I had this very problem. My mental pictures were kind of inspired by the little we've seen in the film trailers. I was startled at how close to spot on the characters Miranda Leiggi's fan art matched what my mind came up with for me. With her permission I share her work here with you...

The Mockingjay

The Boy with the Bread

The Escort

The Hunter

The Little Sister

The Mentor

The Sex Symbol

The Stylist

...and it sounds like there'll be more coming! 

Visit for more of Miranda Leiggi's artork.

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