Monday, May 7, 2012

The Secret World of Arrietty

Arrietty was a wonderful film as expected. The beauty of it was the focus and attention to scale. The story was told from two perspectives and the audience shifted between the two with ease- we were 'full scale' with Shawn and the other supporting characters when the story needed to, but when we were small, wow. This is where you wanted to stay. One really gets the feeling of how small Arrietty and her parents are and how big everything else is. Of course you get this mainly visually, but I think sounds played a subtle and powerful role in tricking your mind. In a scene the full sized human boy walks over to place a note or something. The theater thunders as he approaches and the sounds of his passage through grass and what-not was very prominent. The film portrayed an ordinary living room as an immense cavernous spans so effectively it was amazing. Everyday mundane things were quite dangerous for the borrowers and doing something like going to get some paper was an all night adventure. How the borrowers used office supplies and other things in their daily life was fun and very clever.

True to many Ghibli films, I was immediately in love with the heroine, Arrietty. Ghibli protagonists show extreme integrity and she is no exception.

The only complaint I'd have (which is minor) was- I missed Joe Hisaihi's music. Cécile Corbel composed Arrietty's music which was fine, especially the themes with a bit of Celtic flavor, but Hisaihi's sweeping emotional scores were missed.

It's a Ghibli film. Go see it. It's wonderful.

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