Saturday, June 9, 2012

Anachronistic Adventurer - The Enforcer

The Enforcer is the first of five supplements from Super Genius Games that start to take the Pathfinder RPG to setting themes with modern elements. At this time there are three released, the other two being The Investigator and The Daredevil.

This is not Modern Pathfinder. It is a new approach to blending modern themes in a fantasy RPG. These are character classes and options for characters from modern or recent historical eras that somehow find themselves in a fantasy world- be it magically, or some crazy science experiment. Doesn't matter. here they are... Much like John Carter on Barsoom, David Innes and Abner Perry in Pellucidar, or Travis Morgan in Skartaris.

The Enforcer character class is a modern day fighter. The archetypes range from soldiers, thugs, pro-fighters, etc. There are alternate firearms rules (as opposed to the Ultimate Combat's Gunslinger firearms rules).

Also presented here are some alternate methods of improving Armor Class without having to rely on fantasy or historical armor by way of unique feat chains. And finally there is a simple Progress Level (PL) system that mirrors GURPS or Traveller.

The PDF is excellently written, very easy to understand and entertaining to read. There is no mystery about why rules were established as they philosophy is clearly laid out. My only complaint is that the PDF format is laid out in landscape orientation which has been a bit awkward to bind when printed. Besides that it has been one of the finest 3rd party products purchased.

It is no Pathfinder Modern. But it is a very strong foundation to build a game that heads in the modern direction. As stated before, there is this one and four more planned. It sounds like there might be additional supplements in the line as well. I hope to see as much of this as possible.

This is the first product I've ever seen by Super Genius Games and if it's an indication of the quality, I definitely could stand to pick up more. And I've seen that there is a lot of stuff out there by them.

The only other remotely serious attempt at a Modern Pathfinder has been The Modern Path by Game Room Creations. To date, there are two products- the main rule book and Arcana of the Modern World (both featured in the above link). In addition to these, the people behind the Pathfinder SRD have made a separate system reference document site for this Modern Pathfinder. There are a lot of mixed reviews and opinions on the Modern Path effort. The Anachronistic Adventurer line feels like a much stronger product.
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