Tuesday, December 25, 2012

D&D Character Art

About 5 or 6 years ago I was in a pretty good D&D game that lasted at least until 15th level (based on the most recent character sheet I could dig up). Towards the end of the campaign, probably for Christmas or something, our DM gave each of us a poster of our character portrait he had secretly commissioned for us. They are presented below and as you can see they're fantastic. He would not share who the artist was at the time. Today I stumbled upon my character's picture on DeviantArt. Now I know it was an artist named Reilly Brown who has done art for many comics, mostly Marvel. His gallery is quite nice.

Sir Owlface Flamesword - in the campaign this was my character; his name was Skytheen

Dwarf - his name was Eldagar. Pretty sure he was a cleric of Moradin.

Whip It Good - rogue named D'Eric

Berserker - dwarven barbarian named Fender
Thank you, again, Wally- for such a legendary game!

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