Monday, December 24, 2012

FATE Core and PrintMe1

The FATE Core Kickstarter was funded within 15 minutes or so of it's launch. It has done quite well since then which has opened a plethora of stretch goals and opportunities (and has 35 days to go at the time of this writing). The least of these opportunities is for the smallest pledge one is granted the right to download the FATE Core draft text to study, play-test, and report errors or general feedback.

On the FATE Yahoo forums I asked if it was lawful to print the FATE Core draft. Got an answer from the boss, himself! Here's the dialog:

Jeffrywith1e: -- I'm thinking of using to print FATE Core. The legal dialog- do we have permission to submit this preview PDF for printing?
Fred Hicks: -- Are you printing one copy, for yourself, and nobody else can saunter along and do the same without themselves having the PDF? If so, Evil Hat grants limited permission to print a copy.
Jeffrywith1e: -- I am printing one for myself (to tide me over till the published one ships to me  from the kickstarter!), it is as you stated. I have no one else yet to play with. Thank you for your permission.
So I went ahead with an order through, which I've wanted to try out for some time. 
Received it today and the results are impressive.  

The cover is a transparent plastic or acetate sheet that  protects and displays the first page.

Black and white printing on both sides of the paper. The standard or default order is produced with this black plastic comb binding for no extra charge, but other and fancier bindings are available. Color printing is also available, but that ups the cost a great deal.

 The back cover is made with a black card stock.

Very nice quality at a very reasonable cost. The minimum cost is currently $13.99. This 300 page PDF clocked in under that minimum which also included shipping. Very nice value. I will probably be using this service again.

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