Monday, December 3, 2012

FATE Core System

FATE Core System Kickstarter is live and going out of control!

 This is what we can look forward to as described on the website...
  • The PDF will be free
  • The System Reference Document (SRD) will cover all or nearly all of the content, and will be released under the OGL like previous editions (and due to the system’s descent from Fudge, which is also under the OGL)
  • We will be looking into producing a very cheap, very portable printed book version of the rules as well
Here is the Kickstarter which succeeded it's pledged goal in mere hours. It's over  $34,000 for the $3,000 goal!- updated at the time of this writing.

Here is a post from Fred Hicks in response
Greetings, morning warriors and night owls! You've made the first ten hours of this Kickstarter campaign stark raving insane!
In the interests of keeping this update short, sweet, and modestly current with reality -- we've announced new stretch goals (that you've already hit), and more new stretch goals (that you're working hard on hitting before I'm done writing this). You've unlocked multiple expansions, and two more fire-themed ones are on the way right after you hit the conversion of all books to hardcover... very likely before lunch-time.
When y'all roll on Fate, y'all roll hard, is what we're sayin' here.
The stretch goal update is a good demonstration of how we're looking to roll out new goals during this project: two or three at a time, and when possible, a mixture of expansions (like Kriegszeppelin Valkyrie, Wild Blue, Court/Ship, Burn Shift, and Fight Fire) and commitments or upgrades (like the multiple digital formats and the hardcover). This is a chance for backers to shape the next few years of Fate with Evil Hat -- you'll be compelling us to make more promises about where we'll go with the system, as well as gathering up more digital goodies for a very low price. We won't pretend that each stretch goal is going to excite everyone, but we can practically guarantee you there will plenty to excite you in however the final picture shapes up.
We're not even halfway through our first day and it's already been a wild (blue) ride. Keep that bronco buckin', folks -- we love trying to hang on!

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