Thursday, December 20, 2012

Pathfinder Tales

There have been twelve books published under the Pathfinder Tales line with two more on the way at the time of this writing.

Here are all of the books published so far in order:

  1. Prince of Wolves
  2. Winter Witch
  3. Plague of Shadows
  4. The Worldwound Gambit
  5. Master of Devils
  6. Death's Heretic
  7. Song of the Serpent
  8. City of the Fallen Sky
  9. Nightglass
  10. Blood of the City
  11. Queen of Thorns
  12. Called to Darkness
  13. Liar's Blade
  14. Pirate's Honor
Many of the books loosely tie in with some of the published Adventure Paths which contain short stories. These are often republished as ebooks, etc. Beyond that there doesn't seem to be any strong continuity which means any of them can be read in any order.

Check out the +Pathfinder Roleplaying Game Google Community to discuss the Pathfinder Tales.

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