Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Bili Rockheadminifur

We started rolling up a character for my 5.5 year old son. From the Pathfinder Beginner Box character creation options, he selected the race to be dwarf (probably from all the attention the Hobbit film has been getting in this household) and selected the class to be Wizard. The character concept is to be a wizard/detective, actually.

He rolled really well! He got one 18, actually. So far it has been a great exercise in simple math for him and the difficult task of keeping his younger sister entertained and not sucking on the Pathfinder Pawns that are included. The pawns don't react well to saliva, btw!

This character's name is Bili Rockheadminifur. The pawns for dwarf wizards that came with the Beginner Box are cool, but didn't match Jack's mental image for his character. We're still on the search for the right mini, but printed and cut out this guy who is serving as Bili for now until we find a better mini. -->

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