Thursday, January 10, 2013

Women Fighters in Reasonable Armor
... is a blog or an image repository of, well, women fighters in reasonable armor. I respect and agree with the blog owner's opinion about artwork in the gaming industry. Here's his description:
I’m a 30something graphic designer and fantasy gaming hobbyist, happily married and a new father. I’m not an intensely opinionated person, but I do try to advocate constructively for stuff I like.
This whole thing started on twitter in gaming discussions with pictures I would share with the somewhat humorous hashtag #WomenFightersInReasonableArmor. But Twitter has a robust search memory of, like, 5 minutes, and people seemed to be jiving on the images, so I started this tumblog as a more permanent repository.
I get a lot of bitching about what people think is reasonable and what’s not when it comes to armor; across the entire gamut of issues of fantastical realism, feminism, objectification, historical accuracy, context, what-have-you. If you’re going to feedback me on something like that do please consider the high possibility that I’ve probably heard your point of contention from someone else already. Don’t assume that I’m unsympathetic, but it may help to go and have a look at the concept of ‘didacticism’. Thanks!
You can follow me on twitter, if you want. It’s largely RPGing thoughts with the occasional silliness: koboldstyle. I’m also on Google plus:
And some examples:

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