Thursday, January 17, 2013

Young Centurions

... is a go!

The still ongoing Fate Core kickstarter (has only 12 days left at the time of this writing) surpassed it's stretch goal for the Young Centurions expansion. Here is the expansion's descriptions:

With your help, we've seen the Young Centurions RPG funded in record time. Thank you! But an RPG isn't all that the Young Centurions story is, for us. Truth is, the Young Centurions idea didn't start out as a game; it started as an idea for a series of young adult novels.
Because -- let's face it -- what better way to hook young geeklings into a world of pulp adventure and gaming potential than to sit them down with a good book?
As we've done before with the Dinocalypse Trilogy for Spirit of the Century, we want to go deeper with Young Centurions and explore our in-house world more fully than we ever could in a single setting book. And with such a book in hand, making the transition for kids from reading to telling their own stories becomes all the easier.
With your help, at $300,000, our first move into the world of young adult fiction will begin with Sally Slick at our side. We're teaming up with Bad Hair Day author and fellow geek Carrie Harris to tell the tale of Sally Slick and the Steel Syndicate! You'll read how a 14-year-old Sally built her first racing tractor, saved her brother from robotic mafiosos, and invented the "jet" engine -- named after her best pal! -- to help a friend get the best of the schoolyard bully.
If funded, everyone at the EXPANSIONS level on up will get Sally Slick and the Metal Mafia in e-book form for zero extra dollars.
Once this goal funds, those of you who still love their fiction in paper form will have the option to add a printed book for $15 -- it may not ship until the end of the year, though, so a separate shipping charge will be needed if you're getting other books ($5 domestic, $15 international). We'll update the Backer Pledge Calculation Spreadsheet at that time to include this option for anyone interested, and will also add a FRIENDS OF CARRIE pledge level for those of you who only want the printed novel.
We're seriously geeked about the chance to take a big stride into young adult fiction with Carrie and Sally at our side. Join us on this journey, and help us build a new gateway to gaming for kids young and old!

art by Dani Kaulakis

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