Sunday, April 14, 2013

Savage Worlds Stat Block

Apathy Games has an interesting setting for the Savage Worlds game system called the Temporal Probability Agency which deals with wibbly wobbly timey wimey alternate realities and changing the course of events, etc. The game is designed to be able to be run with very minimal prep- even for Savage Worlds. Very high production quality. It's very cool and I wish there were more coming out for the game. What I think I liked the most, though, was the stat block format introduced in the game.
Running with this idea, I built a stat block based on the Apathy Games TPA stat block with LibreOffice for use with my own Savage Worlds projects. It turned out pretty close to theirs. This example uses the pre-generated character, Irina "The Skirt" Gregorovna from The Chase and The Moscow Connection from the Deluxe rule book. 

I like the aspect of the five senses for the GM. Of course, I had 
to embellished the character a bit to fill those parts in.

Here is the blog post introducing the stat block style. There is also interesting discussion about why some of these features were put in.

Grab a copy of the LibreOffice template here.

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