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STAR WARS for Savage Worlds

This is not my own conversion. This is about the various conversions that are already out there.

The official Star Wars game belongs to Fantasy Flight Games these days. There is almost a retro feel to the Edge of the Empire game so far as it focuses on the original trilogy era. There are aspects of the game that also feel like the first Star Wars RPG from West End Games (see below). Special dice and beautiful production value- more about it here.

Wizards of the Coast had the previous versions, the latest being the Saga Edition. Squarish books, variant d20 system. Preceding Saga were a more direct d20 versions, much resembling d20 Modern and Spycraft. Seemed to have a pretty successful run.

As mentioned above, West End Games produced the first Star Wars RPG as well as some of the very first Expanded Universe in a dry era for Star Wars merchandise- in an age where we thought that was it, no more Star Wars to come. I believe it saw a couple of editions using the d6 system. Still remains a favorite and served as an RPG gateway for many of us.

For Savage Worlds

Savage Worlds is designed for high pulp action which seems to be a very good fit for Star Wars. There have been several conversions for the Savage Worlds ruleset of varying detail and quality. All of them are home made and none of them are official. While each are for the most part individual project, there seems to be a collaborative spirit throughout with each conversion building on the previous.

Paul "Rorschach" Tobia's Star Wars conversion clocks in at 11 pages from his 2003 version 1.2.

Jon "Red 24" Woodland's conversion is 12 pages and looks to be last updated in 2005. He credits Tobia (see above) for some of the inspiration in this work and the WEG version of the game. Here is his site.

Ted Arlauskus's Star Wars Showdown

John "Sheriff288" Brown's conversion is 81 pages and contains a strong variety of artwork from various Star Wars sources. The document is laid out in a familiar two column design. There is a great NPC and NPC Wild Card chapter.

Brown thanks the previous converters- Rorschach and Red 24. He also gives thanks to Ted Arlauskus who
Savage Force is a supplement created for any Savage Worlds Star Wars conversion, but was specifically made for Brown's. Author unknown at this time.
Victor "The Fallen One" Lacroix's conversion is one of the prettiest conversions.
31 pages contains subtle artwork behind the text throughout. Very nicely done. His site also links to that very nice character sheet, last updated in 2010:

Mike Glanville's Star Wars conversion is the biggest and the most recent. In a way all of the previous versions are here. While many are true conversions (of d6, d20, or Saga) this appears to be a strait to Savage Worlds from the source material, according to the author's notes.
* An Update!

Savage Daddy's Star Wars Companion:
I initially decided to create a conversion guide that referenced the best parts of the existing conversion settings (with a few rules of my own). The harder I tried, the more I
realized it was not working. So I decided to go a different direction.
Inspired by the Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s Companion series, I began to write a companion-style guide for adapting Star Wars to Savage Worlds.

Character Sheets

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