Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Rocket Age headed by Ken Spencer

We get some news about Cubicle 7's upcoming pulp sci-fi RPG. Last we heard it was going to use the same system as the Doctor Who: Adventures in Time and Space RPG and Primeval RPG. That system has been known as George or more recently The Saturday Afternoon Tea Time Adventure System.

Here's Cubicle 7's article
Cubicle 7 has announced that Ken Spencer has been appointed Line Developer and Lead Writer for Rocket Age, the new game line of golden-age interplanetary science fiction.
Dominic McDowall, Cubicle 7 CEO said, “Ken is a terrific addition to the C7 team. You’re going to love what he’s doing with Rocket Age – every page is packed with great ideas, it’s hugely inspiring.”
"I am very excited to be working with the fine folks at Cubicle 7, a company whose products I have long enjoyed," said Ken. "Rocket Age has gone from an idea, to a dream, and is now a reality. To share this alternate history retro sci-fi vision with my fellow gamers is a wondrous experience."
Ken Spencer is the line developer and lead writer for Rocket Age. A former archeologist and educator, he now splits his time between writing and being a stay at home dad. As a freelance writer he has worked for Alephtar Games, Chaosium, Steve Jackson Games, and Frog God Games. Ken lives in Indiana with his wife, son, two cats, a dog, and several fish.

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