Sunday, July 14, 2013

Doctor Boo

Came across this incredible theory today- that ALL Pixar films exist in the same universe. Check it out here:

The idea is pretty far fetched, but a good read none-the-less. I liked the idea that Boo becomes the Witch we see in Brave. Having witnessed a time when Monsters (which are cognizent animals) via the door network uses this somehow to search for her dear friend, Sully. She ends up traveling back to the Dark Ages where she is stuck and settles in Scottland and becomes the Witch Mireda contacts. As they said in the article, it all starts with the Willows Wisps.

So, wouldn't it be cool to have an adventure following Boo as she travels from Pixar setting to setting searching for Sully? Traveling time and space. As my wife said... Doctor Boo.

Boo Revisited by Weezi

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