Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Fate Worlds cover prototypes and the Fate Color Code

Fate Core has been released out into the wild. People are receiving the Fate Core hardcovers they were promised from the extremely successful Kickstarter. It's spreading Westward by the day (I got mine here in MN today!). The book is incredibly well done.

A couple of timely revelations today- The covers of volumes one and two of Fate Worlds.

The other fun fact revealed today was the color code used for the Fate books. Blue is used for the core rules- as we've already seen. Above, Green is used for settings. The Toolkits will be dressed in Purple. This matches the Fate/Fudge dice color scheme. (All of this from this G+ discussion)

If you haven't seen a hard copy of the Core rulebook, it is a solid little production. The cover is slightly soft, almost fuzzy. It's of a texture that I first encountered with the Savage Worlds Agents of Oblivion book. An interesting trend.

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