Friday, July 26, 2013

Modus Operandi McAlister interviewed for the ENnies

I've been following Modus Operandi for about as long as it's existed. David McAlister started it mainly as a resource for Top Secret/S.I. and then for Spycraft. After that it became a resource for any and all espionage RPGs. Modus Operandi finds itself nominated for the 2013 ENnies, and this is far from it's first nomination. The Examiner found McAlister and talked with him about it...

The 2013 ENnies nominations have been announced and voting is now open. I caught up with Dave McAlister, Founder and Administrator of Modus Operandi, which is nominated for a Best Website ENnie. Voting begins on Monday, July 22 and runs to Wednesday, July 31. The ceremony itself will be on Friday, August 16, in the Union Station Grand Hall at 8 pm with the cocktail reception beginning at 6:30 pm.
Michael Tresca (MT): Tell us about your site.
Dave McAlister (DM): Modus Operandi is an espionage-themed resource for roleplaying games. It's been nominated for 4 Best (Fan) Website ENnies in the past (2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007) and another website I run (UK Role Players ( was nominated for a Best Website ENnie in 2011. Additionally, my Stargate SG-1 RPG website (which has since been folded into Modus Operandi) received an Honourable Mention in the Best Fan Website category in 2004.
MT: How did Modus Operandi come about?
DM: I've been roleplaying since the early '80s and fell in love with espionage RPGs when I picked up the Top Secret/S.I. box set was released in 1987. In late 1998 I joined this, relatively, new-fangled thing called the internet and, in May 1999 started what is now known as Modus Operandi. At first it focused on Top Secret/S.I. but over the years it has expanded to cover more espionage RPGs - including just last week when I received the first submissions for Night's Black Agents.
MT: Why should voters vote for your site?
DM: While I would love everyone to vote for Modus Operandi, just looking at the other nominees suggests that I'm facing an uphill battle. That said, I'm not looking for the sympathy vote either. Just being nominated is an achievement itself and one that I am very proud of.
MT: What's next for your company?

DM: Modus Operandi celebrates its 15th anniversary next year and I'm hoping to ramp up the updates. I plan on putting fingers to keyboard and typing a few articles on running modern day espionage games but I'm always on the lookout for guest articles. Whether they are for a system that I already support, one that I should support, or just generic articles that anyone can use. Feel free to get in contact through and we'll get things sorted. Thanks.

There's still time to vote! 

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