Saturday, August 24, 2013

Star Wars RPG (FFG) resources

A resource of fan made material for the STAR WARS RPG by Fantasy Flight Games.

This is inspired from a thread on the Fantasy Flight Games message boards that somehow still isn't pinned to the top of the forums. And, actually might not be able to be pinned. I don't know, but here is a collection of fan made resources. This is an amazing pool of talent, especially for a game so young.

Since it looks like the thread won't be pinned on that forum, I hope this blog post can act in that same function. One should be able to bookmark this page and link directly to that thread in the above link (or right here).





Character Sheets
NPC Sheets
Stat Blocks by C. Steven Ross more info about the stat blocks here
Edge of the Empire
Age of Rebellion
Vehicle Sheet

Cheat Sheets/References

Talent Trees



Additional and Alternate Rules

Alternate Settings

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