Tuesday, October 29, 2013

d20 Modern

I was pleased to discover that d20 Modern is in the top 10 hottest RPGs being discussed according to EnWorld's Hot Roleplaying Games.
Over 1000 sites and counting! What's the current zeitgeist? What are the hottest games being talked about right now? This isn't a list of sales figures; it tracks what's currently being talked about using a top secret algorithm. Each game is also conveniently linked to a search for discussion about it right here on EN World, should you want to find out more. The spotlight list changes from time to time. The red and green arrows show a game's general trend over the last 90 days - is it being discussed more or less than it was in the previous 90 days?
This page tracks discussion of over a quarter of a million forum members and approaching a thousand blogs on a selection of major independent RPG discussion forums to create an overall sample from a list including EN WorldRPGnetUK RoleplayersRPG Geek, the RPG Bloggers network of nearly 300 blogs, the RPG Blog Alliance of nearly 600 blogs, and Reddit.
Discovering this has rekindled my interest in the rule system and revisiting the many settings. Wizards of the Coast have kept the official website live. This suggests that someone recognizes the long-lasting interest, even though it seems like WotC didn't support the game as much as they probably should have. The short run of Dungeon/Polyhedron magazine
mini-settings were some of my favorite supplements for d20 Modern. First published in 2002 (that's 11 years ago!) there has been a lot of high quality 3rd party products that have come out. Even some still coming out.

So, here's to a little bit more love for d20 Modern.

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