Thursday, December 19, 2013

d00Lite System

DwD Studios have held my attention for the last several days. A while ago I wrote a review on behalf of Modus Operandi, on the subject of the now recently released Covert Ops. This review introduced me to the system which in doing the research, I discovered was already out powering the BareBones Fantasy RPG. I have since picked that up as well and am thoroughly enjoying the read.

d00Lite is less heavy and serious than BRP. It is a percentile, roll under system sharing most of the common elements of it's type. Yet, it is also a lot different than the BRP/RuneQuest families. It seems it was most directly inspired by the old TSR games- Star Frontiers and Top Secret/S.I. (of which I am only an acquaintance with the former and a fan-boy of the latter). For me, personally, this system fits just right.

So far DwD has BareBones Fantasy, with a rather healthy line of support. There is even third party products on the way! DwD just released Covert Ops which is enjoying a celebrated and successful debut sitting pretty high up on the best selling titles for a while (at 33 currently at the time of this writing). Covert Ops also saw quite a bit of expanding the rules, naturally, going from fantasy to modern/espionage. BareBones Fantasy and Covert Ops are for-runners, they're leading up to DwD's opus, which is to be FrontierSpace. We're looking forward to that sci-fi RPG.

Both current lines are available in print-on-demand- hardcover or softcover and PDF.


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