Friday, March 28, 2014

Community G.I. Joe PSA

Pathfinder in space

Illustration by Rodrigo Vega
Paizo is taking Pathfinder out in space. Here is a blog post from 3/25...

Iron Gods Roll Call

I've been wanting to do the Iron Gods Adventure Path for a long time, but it's not all that easy to just roll out a campaign that makes significant use of mountains of items and armor and weapons and creatures and hazards that the game doesn't yet have rules for. I'm talking, of course, about lasers and robots and radiation and gravity suits and nuclear resonators and atom guns and neurocams and K-lances and heavy weapon harnesses and robojacks and thoracic nanite chambers and graviton generators and more. What are all those things? I'm afraid you'll all need to wait a few more months to find out.
But what you DON'T have to wait for is the list of Iron Gods Adventure Path titles and authors! Because here they are! Long time readers will note some new names, some familiar names, and at least one old name risen from the murky depths of the past!
  • Part 1: Fires of Creation, by Neil Spicer
  • Part 2: Lords of Rust, by Nicolas Logue
  • Part 3: The Choking Tower, by Ron Lundeen
  • Part 4: Valley of the Brain Collectors, by Mike Shel
  • Part 5: Palace of Fallen Stars, by Tim Hitchcock
  • Part 6: The Divinity Drive, by Crystal Fraiser
Oh. And here's a spaceship. (No... this isn't the Silver Mount. That one's a LOT bigger.)


Sunday, March 23, 2014

Trickster - Matrix fanfilm

GURPS Renassaince and online character generators

No, not a GURPS source book about the Renaissance (though there is Hot Spots: Renaissance Florence).

This post is about what I observe as a possible GURPS Renaissance. I have never seen more blogs, videos, hangouts and general fan activity as I have lately. I could be wrong, it could be that I'm simply looking for it more. But it seems I've done that in the past and didn't see this kind of activity then.

I hope that there is a resurgence in interest in GURPS. Even if there really isn't, it's good to see all of this activity.

Anyways... here are a couple of powerful GURPS resources I had never seen before.

an online NPC Generator

and an online Character Generator (for GURPS Lite)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Xenozoic Tales using Ubiquity

This is an image from G+ friend Michael Hansen.

This is not Cadillacs & Dinosaurs using Ubiquity...

It is optimism and hope for someday a Cadillacs & Dinosaurs game powered by the Ubiquity RPG. There was an RPG for that setting published 1990 using the Twilight 2000 game as it's foundation from GDW and that probably wasn't the best fit. That game system was great for heavy military tactics and equipment, and Cadillacs & Dinosaurs was far more pulpy than realistic. People (my self included) have often said Savage Worlds would do the setting well, but lately it's Ubiquity that is the natural choice.

GDW had another game back then- Space 1889. That has come back for Savage Worlds and Ubiquity. So it seems quite possible.

This image represents hope that someday the Xenozoic Age may see a return using a game system better suited to it.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Black Panther

What's your favorite super hero?

Mine is the Black Panther.

I stumbled upon Christopher Priest's run towards the end of it several years ago and immediately fell in love. I had forgotten until recently that BET was producing an animated version. I recently sought it out and discovered that it was really good! This animated series (only 6 episodes) featured many of the elements from Priest's comic. Enjoy...

 A general synopsis of the Black Panther is this. He is not a super hero. He is the king of the world's most advanced technological nation. Wakanda. Located in central Africa, the small nation has never been invaded by any other army. It holds tons of natural resources, such as oil, etc, that it never needs to even touch. It's main resource is Vibranium which is extremely rare and powers much of Wakanda's advanced tech.

T'Challa is the birth-right king. The Black Panther is Wakanda's deity and the costume is the king's ceremonial dress or uniform.

The comic was full of humor, politics, religion, Storm, as well as fantastic art.

The next volume wasn't nearly as good as Priest's.

Watch or read Black Panther. It's one of Marvel's best.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Musketeers season 2

Seven episodes of ten and we've been loving The Musketeers. It appears the series has been commissioned for a 2nd season!

Peter Capaldi is such a great villainous Cardinal Richelieu that it'll be wrenching to accept him as the good Doctor this fall.

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