Friday, March 28, 2014

Pathfinder in space

Illustration by Rodrigo Vega
Paizo is taking Pathfinder out in space. Here is a blog post from 3/25...

Iron Gods Roll Call

I've been wanting to do the Iron Gods Adventure Path for a long time, but it's not all that easy to just roll out a campaign that makes significant use of mountains of items and armor and weapons and creatures and hazards that the game doesn't yet have rules for. I'm talking, of course, about lasers and robots and radiation and gravity suits and nuclear resonators and atom guns and neurocams and K-lances and heavy weapon harnesses and robojacks and thoracic nanite chambers and graviton generators and more. What are all those things? I'm afraid you'll all need to wait a few more months to find out.
But what you DON'T have to wait for is the list of Iron Gods Adventure Path titles and authors! Because here they are! Long time readers will note some new names, some familiar names, and at least one old name risen from the murky depths of the past!
  • Part 1: Fires of Creation, by Neil Spicer
  • Part 2: Lords of Rust, by Nicolas Logue
  • Part 3: The Choking Tower, by Ron Lundeen
  • Part 4: Valley of the Brain Collectors, by Mike Shel
  • Part 5: Palace of Fallen Stars, by Tim Hitchcock
  • Part 6: The Divinity Drive, by Crystal Fraiser
Oh. And here's a spaceship. (No... this isn't the Silver Mount. That one's a LOT bigger.)


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