Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Xenozoic Tales using Ubiquity

This is an image from G+ friend Michael Hansen.

This is not Cadillacs & Dinosaurs using Ubiquity...

It is optimism and hope for someday a Cadillacs & Dinosaurs game powered by the Ubiquity RPG. There was an RPG for that setting published 1990 using the Twilight 2000 game as it's foundation from GDW and that probably wasn't the best fit. That game system was great for heavy military tactics and equipment, and Cadillacs & Dinosaurs was far more pulpy than realistic. People (my self included) have often said Savage Worlds would do the setting well, but lately it's Ubiquity that is the natural choice.

GDW had another game back then- Space 1889. That has come back for Savage Worlds and Ubiquity. So it seems quite possible.

This image represents hope that someday the Xenozoic Age may see a return using a game system better suited to it.

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