Thursday, November 13, 2014

Star Wars Rebels as a D6 RPG

by Brian Snook
The new series, Star Wars Rebels, is fantastic so far! It greatly succeeds in capturing an old-school Star Wars feeling that seems like we haven't felt since... a long time. Long time. Or since the original trilogy. I feel this has something to do with the choice of background music, but that observation is for another time. This post is about another blogger who is doing episode by episode write-ups from an RPG point of view. Bogganknight has a blog called Kippers and Jam that is hosting these write ups. Each episode is presented as if it were a gaming session and the actions and plot developments in the show are seen through the Star Wars D6 lens as if the players rolling dice are determining the story's outcomes. Brilliant.

This has been done quite well before with the Doctor Who RPG by the talented Siskoid. (that guy is amazing! left no Who aspect unobserved) See his astounding work here.

Bogganknight's write ups capture the natural adventure that is prevalent in both the RPG and the episodes. Rebels and D6 go so well with each other that the ingredients are remarkably compatible. He is simply putting the words to two things that already fit perfectly together.

Here are links to the episode/game session write ups so far:

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