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Savage Worlds Avatar the Last Airbender

Especially with the recent (and rather excellent) finale of The Legend of Korra, and all things Avatar at this point, there have been gamers seeking ready-made Savage Worlds adaptions of the setting. If you haven't partaken in either series yet, Avatar: The Last Airbender (now renamed The Legend of Aang), and The Legend of Korra, than you really must. It is one of the highest quality animated television series ever created. Also, avoid at all costs the live action film from all I've heard. As for Savaged adaptions, the one most know of and refer to resides on the good old Savagepedia.

Good. Done and done.

But for the last couple of weeks Savagepedia was down. It has since returned and all is well. But... just in case, I've copied the Savage adaption here.

Just in case.

Also, this provides an excuse to pepper the blog with cool Avatar artwork.



A human without the ability to bend. They receive a free edge.


A human with the ability to manipulate one of the four elements. They begin with the Arcane Background (Bending) edge.


The Avatar is a special person who reincarnates after the previous Avatar dies. The Avatar gains the Arcane Background (Bending) edge and the Spirit Connection edge. The Avatar knows one trapping per rank (chosen from Air, Earth, Fire, and Water) up to Heroic rank; the Avatar must take a separate skill for each bending element in order to utilize those trappings. However, the Avatar receives the hindrance Vow (Major) to defend the world and the balance of the elements.

The Avatar is a special person and only one can exist at any given time. It is a very important role in the World of Avatar, so the game master should use discretion when allowing a player to take this race. Having a player become the Avatar can cause problems amongst players due to the potential power differences and the possibility of inflated importance in role-playing compared to other characters.


Guts (Spirit)

Avatar is not a world of horror. Instead of using Guts, use a Spirit roll when dealing with fear effects.

Driving (Agility)

This is used for Sato-mobiles and Sato-cycles.

Bending (Spirit)

This is the arcane skill for those with the Arcane Backgorund (Bending) edge.

Knowledge: Religion (Smarts)

For knowledge on the Spirit World, spirits, chakras, and the past lives of Avatars.

New Hindrances

Blind (Major)

The individual is completely without sight. However, the user has somehow mitigated this shortcoming through training. This could be a nonbender's other senses (smelling and hearing) becoming enhanced, an airbender feeling the flow of the wind, or an earthbender feeling the vibrations of the earth. However, their abilities only extend a certain distance from themselves. He or she suffers a -2 penalty to any Trait roll to Shoot or Notice something more than 5" distant.
This hindrance replaces the Blind hindrance in the core rules, based on the Bad Eyes hindrance. The original hindrance was very limiting and often made characters nearly useless. This would make a much more fitting version for characters who are supposed to be exceptional individuals.

New Edges

Arcane Background (Bending)

Restrictions: Novice, Special
The character can choose one style of bending: air, earth, fire, or water. They can perform bending powers of that element. Benders begin with the Bolt power, Elemental Manipulation, Telekinesis, Dispel, and a choice of two others.

Arcane Skill: Airbending/Earthbending/Firebending/Waterbending (Spirit)
Starting Power Points: 15
Starting Powers: Bolt, Elemental Manipulation, Telekinesis, Dispel, and 2 others.
Backlash: When a bender rolls a 1 on his Bending die (regardless of his Wild Die), he is automatically Shaken. This can cause a wound.

Bloodbending (Power edge)

Restrictions: Veteran, Arcane Background (Waterbending)
The character knows how to perform the Puppet power. The waterbender can also perform the Telekinesis power on living creatures.

Chi-Blocking (Combat edge)

Restrictions: Seasoned, Martial Artist edge, Fighting d8+
Once per combat, a character with this edge can declare their unarmed touch attack as a chi disruption attempt before rolling his/her Fighting roll. If the Fighting roll is successful, the opponent cannot use his Bending skill for 2d6 turns. On a raise, the duration is instead 3d6 turns. If the chi-blocker targets an arm, the target gains the One Arm hindrance until his Bending skill becomes usable again; if the chi-blocker targets a leg, the target gains the One Leg hindrance until his Bending skill becomes usable again. If the chi-blocker targets the enemy's spine (-4 penalty), their opponent is also Shaken and cannot move or perform actions until the chi disruption duration ends. A character can spend a benny for more chi disruption attempts.

Lightning Bender (Power edge)

Restrictions: Seasoned, Arcane Background (Firebending), Firebending d8+
The user adds Jet to their powers list using the electricity trapping. The user may also perform the Bolt power with the electricity trapping and Dispel electricity.

Metalbending (Power edge)

Restrictions: Seasoned, Arcane Background (Earthbending), Earthbending d8+
The character can manipulate metal in addition to other forms of earth and mineral. The Armor power raises the gained Armor to 3 points on a success, or 6 on a raise. The character can use the Telekinesis power to wield metal weapons telekinetically, and damaging powers (such as Bolt) can be used with the metal trapping.

Spirit Connection (Weird edge)

Requirements: Novice, Spirit d6+
The hero has a supernatural connection to the Spirit World. Spirits usually appear invisible to everyone unless it chooses to interact with the regular world. This hero can see spirits without issue and can attempt to enter the SPirit World for a short period of time once per session through meditation.
Attempting to enter the Spirit World can contact one spirit during his venture. Once in the Spirit World, the hero can make a Persuasion roll to ask a spirit a single question. This takes ten minutes, in which the hero is unaware of his body.

New Items

Air Nomad Glider (¥150)

Str+d4 damage; weight 8; parry +1; reach 1; 2 hands
As a regular staff, but it can be opened to reveal fan-like wings. It can be used proficiently by airbenders to glide distances. When its wings are revealed, it can be damaged easily and ruined for gliding. This can be repaired by the Repair skill, but all non-Air Nomads/Acolytes suffer a -2 penalty to repairing it due to its exotic build.

Electrified Glove (Special)

2d4+2 damage; weight 3
A glove that creates an electric burst when used. It can be worn comfortably at all times, but requires an action to turn on. It deals 3d4+2 damage when the target is wearing metallic armor, carrying 10 pounds of conductive metal, wet or in contact with water, or touching some form of electrical conductor. Those attacking with this weapon are considered to be unarmed (unarmed defender rules on page 76), but also only have to score a touch attack (+2 to Fighting roll) to deal damage.

Electrified Kali Sticks (Special)

Str+d4+2 damage; weight 1 each
A pair of kali sticks which create an electric burst when used. It requires a turn to activate the kali sticks (otherwise they act as billy clubs/batons), and both kali sticks can be drawn together as one action. The kali sticks must be within 2” of the generator in order to generate electricity. It deals Str+2d4+2 when the target is wearing metallic armor, carrying 10 pounds of conductive metal, wet or in contact with water, or touching some form of electrical conductor.

War Fan (¥100)

Str+d4, weight 1, range 3/6/12
The war fan resembles a regular folding fan, although it's frame is reinforced by metal and has been sharpened at the end of each slat. It is famously used by the Kyoshi Warriors. When it is closed, it can be thrown with the same finesse as a throwing dagger.

War Boomerang (¥250)

Str+d6, weight 3, range 5/10/20
The boomerang is an honorable weapon utilized by the Water Tribes. It can be used in a similar style as a kukri, but is also useable as a thrown object. A thrown boomerang returns to it's user after a turn per range increment (one turn at short range, two at medium, and three at long range).



-Bolt and similar damaging effects can move the hit target 1”, plus an extra 1” per raise by raising the cost by +1 PP.
-When a character uses an air power successfully, they receive a +1” to their pace.


-Bolt and similar damaging effects can create a small burst template of Difficult Ground by increasing the cost by +1 PP. This represents rubble and broken rock left behind from an earthbender's attack.
-When a target is hit by a negative power, a 3” diameter template centered on the square they were hit is covered in dust. People standing in this burst suffer a -1 penalty to all vision-based trait rolls.
-Barriers and other constructed earth objects persist until destroyed or dispelled by an earthbender.


-Bolt and similar damaging effects of fire can bypass cracks in armor. A damaging power can gain AP 2 by increasing the cost by +1 PP.
-Anytime something reasonably flammable is hit by fire, roll a 1d6. On a 6, the target catches fire. Very flammable targets catch fire on a 4-6. See Fire rules on page 88 of the Deluxe Edition.


-Bolt and similar damaging effects of lightning can bypass armor. A damaging power can gain AP 2 by increasing the cost by +1 PP.
-Damaging attacks deal an extra die of damage if the target is holding at least 10 pounds of conductive metal, touching water, or is touching some sort of electrical conductor.
-Due to the dangerous method of using lightning, a roll of 1 on the arcane skill die results in the damage being dealt to the caster instead.


-Bolt and similar damaging effects of metal can strike harder. A damaging power can gain +2 damage by increasing the cost by +1 PP.
-Barriers and other constructed metal objects persist until destroyed or dispelled by a metalbender.


-Harmful powers can cause cold-based Fatigue. If the user increases the cost by +1 PP, those hit by the power must make a Vigor roll at -2 or suffer a level of Fatigue. Subsequent attacks from waterbenders do not add more levels of Fatigue, and recovery rolls are made every 5 minutes instead of 30 for Fatigue caused by this trapping.
-Powers of water or ice creates a small burst template of Difficult Ground. This represents a slippery floor created by ice, snow, or puddles left behind from a waterbender's attack.
-Barriers and other constructed ice objects persist until destroyed, dispelled by a waterbender, or melting after d4 x 10 minutes. In cold environments or during cold weather, it does not melt.


Airbender Power List

Barrier, Blast, Bolt, Deflection, Dispel (Air), Elemental Manipulation (Air), Fly, Havoc, Pummel, Quickness, Slow, Smite, Speed, Telekinesis (Air)

Earthbender Power List

Armor, Barrier, Blast, Blind, Bolt, Burrow, Burst, Dispel (Earth), Earthstomp (Seasoned), Elemental Manipulation (Earth), Entangle, Pummel, Smite, Telekinesis (Earth)

Firebender Power List

Barrier, Blast, Blind, Bolt, Burst, Damage Field, Dispel (Fire), Elemental Maniupation (Fire), Smite, Telekinesis (Fire), Jet (Lightning edge)

Waterbender Power List

Armor, Barrier, Blast, Bolt, Burst, Dispel (Water), Elemental Manipulation (Water), Entangle, Healing, Pummel, Puppet (Bloodbending edge) Smite, Succor, Telekinesis (Water)

-These lists are not exhaustive. If you find a power that can possibly be performed by your character, ask your GM if your character can take that power.
-When a power's range is determined by Smarts, instead determine the range by Spirit.

Power Differences


Rank: Novice
Power Points: 3
Range: Smarts
Duration: Instant
Dispel allows a hero to negate enemy bending. It can be used on a power already in effect or to counter an enemy power as it's being used. The latter requires the countering mage to be on Hold and interrupt his foe's action as usual.
Dispelling an opponent's power is an opposed roll of Arcane skills. The dispelling character can only dispel powers of their own element, although they can attempt to dispel other elements at a -2 penalty.


Rank: Seasoned
Power Points: 5
Duration: Instant
The character stomps on the ground, creating a precise map of everything connected to the ground in the general vicinity. A successful use of Earthstomp will grant the character a free Notice roll to find hidden doors or buried objects. It does nothing to find aerial objects.

Elemental Manipulation (Water)

Rank: Novice
Power Points: 1
Range: Spirit x 2
Duration: 3 (1/round)
Water: Elemental manipulation cannot be used to conjure water.


Rank: Seasoned
Power Points: 2
Range: 12”
Duration: Instant
Trapping: Lightning Bolt
Jet creates a damaging stream that shoots out from the caster. Measure a straight line 1”wide and 12” long starting from the character's position. If successful, targets within this area must make an opposed Agility roll versus the arcane skill roll or suffer 2d8 damage. Jet deals 3d8 damage if the target is holding at least 10 pounds of conductive metal, touching water, or is touching some sort of electrical conductor.


Rank: Novice
Power Points: 1
Range: Spirit
Duration: 3 (1/round)
Telekinesis only works in relation to the element the character can bend (earth for earthbenders, fire for firebenders, people for waterbenders with the bloodbending edge, etc). The user cannot use the telekinetic weapons use unless they are a metalbender bending a metal weapon.

Here is that link to Savage Avatar the Last Airbender

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