Friday, February 27, 2015

Cubicle 7 is a wonderful company

Cubicle 7 is a wonderful company. The most evident reasons would be the extremely high quality game books they publish. Here is just one other less obvious reason:
As some of you may know we had a small, but significant issue with the printing of the spine of the Second Doctor Sourcebook. 
The tiny section of the Doctor Who logo, which builds up as you collect all the sourcebooks was missing. Our printer thought it was there in error, and removed it. Frustratingly we missed this tiny change, and so the books were printed without it. 
What we've done about it 
We have arranged for the books to be reprinted with that missing piece. The reprinted versions are now in our US warehouse, and en route to the UK. 
All subscribers will automatically be sent a new copy free of charge, and with our compliments. There is no need for subscribers to take any action to receive this replacement. US copies will begin shipping in the next few days, UK, European and "Rest of World" copies will begin shipping this month. 
If you have bought a copy of the Second Doctor Sourcebook outside of the subscription deal and feel that missing piece of logo will spoil your collection, then please drop us a line on info AT with a photo of your book, and we will replace it for you free of charge. It would be helpful to us if you could use the subject line "Second Doctor Sourcebook Spine".

Thank you for your patience in this matter, and we're very much looking forward to seeing some photos of your completed collections in the coming months!
And they did it, just as they said. Here are the images of my first copy with the replacement copy. Thank you Cubicle 7!

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