Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Idle Red Hands - Generalist vs Specialist Players

Idle Red Hands is an RPG podcast recorded in Japan. They have entertaining and higher quality discussion about a nice variety of gaming topics. It quickly became one of the few 'must subscribes' for my list.

The latest episode struck a deep chord, actually. The discussion was about Generalist vs Specialist gamers. Dabblers vs those who stick with one system. Struck a chord enough for me to post a lengthy message on their forum, which I realized towards the end, that it was also going to be a blog post. Here it is:

I really dug this episode. Struck a chord for me. My issue is that I think I am an extreme Generalist, a big-time dabbler, almost an RPG system schizophrenic who longs to be a Specialist. I'm always on the search for that one system to consider as my home system, the go-to system.

My gaming group has always, and it looks like will always, use 3rd edition/Pathfinder. I used to hate that. Now I don't mind it so much as these days I'm the GM. I realized it is the system that I know almost like 2nd nature.

I've taken it upon myself to find a system that would work better to introduce my kids to gaming when they are old enough and ready, which is getting closer all the time. The goal has kind of become to find that one system that is intuitive, not too simple or abstract, does have some element of crunch, easy enough to each and understand (for young ones, but also non-gamers who want to share in the experience- like grandparents if I'm ever so lucky).

I dabble in many systems and I go round and round, exploring one system for a while and then moving on to the next one. Finding things that I like or don't like, then on to the next one. Usually cycling through the game books I already have.

The major contenders these: Vortex system (Doctor Who and Rocket Age), Ubiquity, Savage Worlds (sorry), GURPS, BRP, d00Lite (Barebones Fantasy and Covert Ops), D6. I am a sucker for generic systems. And when new ones come around, I just have to look into it.

Currently I'm stuck on d20 Modern (again). Finding the old books for cheap where I can. There's that collector/completest that was talked about. I'm blessed to have a tolerant wife.

These obsessions fuel my blogs. The blogs are my vent.

Anyway. Cool episode. Defined some of my personal chaos.

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I have to credit Idle Red Hands for introducing me to Tripod Jimmie. Thank you, fellas.

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