Thursday, June 25, 2015

Blue Rose powered by AGE

Blue Rose is returning powered by the AGE system.

Blue Rose originally appeared in the height of the d20 era as an excellent trimmed down d20 system which lead to the elegant True20 RPG system. Three physical books were published by Green Ronin along with a handful of PDFs for the Blue Rose line. This was a unique fantasy setting looking to tackle the Romantic Fantasy genre, which stirred up quite a bit of controversy for some reason.

The AGE rpg system appeared as the system that powered the Dragon Age RPG, also by Green Ronin. It was a more successful product being a licensed setting based on a computer RPG and a few novels. Dragon Age was one of the very few RPGs to be featured on Wil Wheaton's TableTop web series. There were also some generic AGE system PDFs published. The system leans towards the lighter faster side as opposed to more crunchy systems.

Green Ronin is in the beginning of a Kickstarter campaign at the time of this posting that marries the Blue Rose setting, refitted, updated and improved for the AGE system. Funded rather quickly.

This is the 2nd Kickstarter I've ever supported, the first being the historically and insanely successful Fate Core RPG. It's been years and I'm still getting PDFs and updates from that one! Well worth it! I'm hoping this one will be as lucrative. I've always been a supporter of the Blue Rose game. Have the True20 books on the shelf. They've survived various purges, so I've been thrilled with this latest development. Though I was quite fond of True20. I am a tiny bit sad to see it go. Glad Blue Rose lives on.

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