Sunday, July 19, 2015

Green Ronin Customer Service is excellent

At the time of this posting, Fantasy AGE is available for pre-order from Green Ronin Publishing. In addition, there is a sale on the currently available PDF. When you pre-order a physical copy of Fantasy AGE, the (usually $15.00) PDF is available for $5.00!

I went for it! Proceeded through the whole pre-order process watching for the advertised opportunity to buy the PDF at the discounted price. Got all the way to the last click to commit and still hadn't seen the check box or link or pop up. So I nuked the process, closed everything and started over.

Second time through still didn't see the chance to do the discount PDF, figured maybe it was just after the final click. Completed the whole process and it appeared the opportunity was missed.

This was the first purchase I had ever made directly from Green Ronin (definitely not my first Green Ronin purchase! Have a whole portion of shelf of green and black to show for all the beloved True20!) so I figured the tangent of having to register may have interfered with the discount. Either way, discount was missed.

But not to fret!

I immediately sent a message to Green Ronin through their own website 'Contact Us' method. This was very late on a Saturday night.

Before noon on Sunday the issue was resolved with an email from the lovely Donna Prior of Green Ronin Customer Service, provided me with a unique discount:
There is an issue sometimes with Shopify where you cannot see the pop-up window for the PDF offer. We've gotten word that their whole pop-up process isn't working at the moment. I've created a code for you to get the PDF for $5.00.
Purchased the PDF through the online store and plugged in the discount code. It worked perfectly.

So I am reporting that Green Ronin has top notch customer service! Thank you Donna and Green Ronin!

Makes me glad I supported the Blue Rose kickstarter!

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Rebels season one source books for Edge of the Empire and D6 REUP

Star Wars Rebels sourcebook for the FFG Edge of the Empire RPG.

Star Wars Rebels sourcebook for D6 System and REUP.

Finally, we have Star Wars Rebels Season 1 Sourcebook done and available for download. We have two versions, the typical ebook and the Lulu ready print version. You will also find Lulu ready covers for both hardback and softback with versions for both interior b&w and color. The files are in the community files in the Sourcebooks directory. Any questions or suggestions let us know. 
I would also like to specifically thank +Daniel Stull for his editing and +Peter Lomas for being a real trooper and doing a great job under quite a bit of stress and creative burn out. Also, and there are a lot of you out there, any and all who made suggestions. You did a great deal to make this better than if I had done it all on my own. Thanks to everyone.
Link to D6 files (cover images and PDFs).

Sunday, July 12, 2015

CAMPAIGN Podcast an Edge of the Empire actual play

Campaign Podcast is an actual play of FFG's Edge of the Empire RPG. The people involved in this game are improv actors from the Chicago comedy network Peaches and Hot Sauce.

Each episode runs around one hour and always has a very high production quality and follows the adventures of a rag-tag crew who have stumbled upon the plans of the Death Star. Their overall quest is to get the plans to Princess Leia (but 34 episodes in that hasn't happened yet).

It is a thoroughly satisfying journey, getting to know the crew of the Mynock- Captain Tryst Valentine, the Human smuggler; Leenik Geelo, the Rodian bounty hunter; CT1776 (AKA Bacta), formerly a clone trooper/medic; and Lyntel, Twi'Lek archaeologist. Also on board is the five year old Zabrak force user, Tamlin; and fan favorite Tony Vornskr, a... vornskr.

The cast is hilarious and professional. It's evident how improv acting benefits an RPG like this. JPC John Patrick Coan is Tryst; Johnny O'Mara is Leenik; James D'Amato is Bacta; and Kat Kuhl is everyone else as the GM of the game.

They are going for comedy and very very loosely stick to Star Wars canon. They have actually created their own canon.

Campaign is also quite informative about how to roll with the Fantasy Flight Games rules for their Star Wars RPGs. The cast is very transparent about the rules and their interpretations. Already a fan of the game, this further solidified my enthusiasm for it.

There have been a few special episode spin offs- one Holiday Special, and a young-Tryst short with a couple of guest gamers who played Tryst's friends, a Jawa and a Gamorean.

This show started out as a three episode mini series on Campaign's sister show One Shot. There they ran the story using one of the old d20 systems and with D'Amato as GM. Then there were another three episodes in One Shot as Edge of the Empire. After those six episodes, then the Campaign podcast happens.

One Shot d20 episodes:
One Shot Edge of the Empire episodes

Another fun part of this show is the fan participation. As you can see, there is a lot of great fan-art as well as some quality fan-fiction!
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