Sunday, July 12, 2015

CAMPAIGN Podcast an Edge of the Empire actual play

Campaign Podcast is an actual play of FFG's Edge of the Empire RPG. The people involved in this game are improv actors from the Chicago comedy network Peaches and Hot Sauce.

Each episode runs around one hour and always has a very high production quality and follows the adventures of a rag-tag crew who have stumbled upon the plans of the Death Star. Their overall quest is to get the plans to Princess Leia (but 34 episodes in that hasn't happened yet).

It is a thoroughly satisfying journey, getting to know the crew of the Mynock- Captain Tryst Valentine, the Human smuggler; Leenik Geelo, the Rodian bounty hunter; CT1776 (AKA Bacta), formerly a clone trooper/medic; and Lyntel, Twi'Lek archaeologist. Also on board is the five year old Zabrak force user, Tamlin; and fan favorite Tony Vornskr, a... vornskr.

The cast is hilarious and professional. It's evident how improv acting benefits an RPG like this. JPC John Patrick Coan is Tryst; Johnny O'Mara is Leenik; James D'Amato is Bacta; and Kat Kuhl is everyone else as the GM of the game.

They are going for comedy and very very loosely stick to Star Wars canon. They have actually created their own canon.

Campaign is also quite informative about how to roll with the Fantasy Flight Games rules for their Star Wars RPGs. The cast is very transparent about the rules and their interpretations. Already a fan of the game, this further solidified my enthusiasm for it.

There have been a few special episode spin offs- one Holiday Special, and a young-Tryst short with a couple of guest gamers who played Tryst's friends, a Jawa and a Gamorean.

This show started out as a three episode mini series on Campaign's sister show One Shot. There they ran the story using one of the old d20 systems and with D'Amato as GM. Then there were another three episodes in One Shot as Edge of the Empire. After those six episodes, then the Campaign podcast happens.

One Shot d20 episodes:
One Shot Edge of the Empire episodes

Another fun part of this show is the fan participation. As you can see, there is a lot of great fan-art as well as some quality fan-fiction!

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