Sunday, August 9, 2015

#RPGADAY2015 – DAY 9: Favourite Media You Wish Where an RPG

This entry turns out more like a wishlist...
  • Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (again). GDW's was misplaced into a system that didn't fit. It's always felt like a Savage Worlds setting to begin with. There is a character sheet for it already!
  • James Bond (again). I liked the original, but the franchise is stronger than ever (in my opinion). Perhaps that'$ why there currently isn't one.
  • Star Trek (again). I know Autocratik's Dave Chapman (thank you for starting this whole RPGaDay thing!) has been talking about a Star Trek RPG.
  • G.I. Joe. I feel Hasbro really missed a great opportunity while they had d20 Modern cooking along.
My real answer is...

  • Narnia. Yes there is one, but it is in German. But, I would love for there to be a series similar to the quality and care that Cubicle 7 is putting towards the Middle Earth world. That would be a wonderful RPG.

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