Wednesday, August 12, 2015

season of Ubiquity

There are a lot of things going on for the Ubiquity system.

Revelations of Mars, the latest installment of the Hollow Earth Expedition series is finally out on PDF.

Space 1889 is now available using the Ubiquity system and also in English!

Triple Ace Games recently wrapped up an extremely successful Kickstarter for a new setting that spins off of their excellent Victorian/Steampunk-ish setting Leagues of Adventure, they are now set to produce Leagues of Gothic Horror. So watch out for that!

Right now, however, there are two Kickstarters that are still running.

Quantum Black is a modern day action/horror setting from a new licensed publisher, Quantum Black Games. Check out their site here.

Welcome to Quantum Black, a modern-day, action-horror roleplaying game set in a world much like ours. However, hidden supernatural threats are real and growing worse by the day. Evil cults, horrors from beyond time and space, vampires and demons all rise to terrorize this world. Someone needs to stop them.
Are You Up to the Task?

In the Quantum Black setting, you play an employee of Quantum Black, on a secret team out to save the world from the rising tide of unimaginable horrors. Equipped with the best weapons, cutting edge electronics, and a collection of drones, you will board the corporate jet, track the monsters down, and save the day. You’re prepared for anything—or so your bosses say.

Quantum Black is a cinematic, story-driven game that is powered by the lightning fast rules of Exile Game Studio's Ubiquity Roleplaying System. You can have hours of fun combatting cosmic horrors and still keep your sanity intact!

So step into the darkness....We'll be waiting.


Lastly, we have Roan.

Check out the Kickstarter!
A world changed by magic. A legacy hidden in shadow. A nation of ponies reborn; with the threat of an empire reaching out with iron claws to hold them and the world in its grasp.
Pony adventurers, can you answer the call of duty to defend your nation? To rediscover the lost, and to reclaim what was stolen? 
If the minds of Tesla and the mysticism of Merlin were to be cast into a pony, you'd have Roan!
Roan is a unique world inspired by My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic meets the many action adventures war films  as well as gaming classics such as Crimson Skies, Guild Wars, and more.
The world and its history has been developed form the ground up to give players a unique, and colorful setting that allows players to involve themselves in many adventurous campaigns, be it answering the Call of Duty, finding lost artifacts, espionage, and more!
This is one of the strangest settings I've ever tried to wrap my brain around. I honestly fear for its chances of making it. But we shall see!
It is a great time to be a Ubiquity fan!

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