Saturday, November 28, 2015

Honor Harrington RPG

There was discussion of it over ten years ago, and even an semi official announcement of one under the d20 system, related to the Traveller20 game, but now there is one for real, No rumor, this one is out in the world already!

An Honor Harrington RPG! Published by Final Sword Productions, who have made other Honorverse games of the tactical war ship genre. This appears to be the first of a series of releases.

A Routine Custom Inspection
“A Routine Customs Inspection” is intended to be an introductory level, simple adventure to introduce the GM and players to the environment of the Royal Manticoran Navy and one of the immediate problems facing those personnel assigned to the Silesian Confederacy for anti-piracy patrol. The scenario is intended for up to eight players with relatively low rank characters.
“A Routine Custom Inspection” is the first adventure in the new Honorverse Role Play Setting based on D6 Epic game engine.
All materials are the property of David Weber and based on his Honor Harrington series by Baen books.
This product contains the adventure, character sheets and D6Epic Quickstart rules written for the Honorverse setting.
Here is an early snippet from the Final Sword forums.
It will be a D6 system based game, we've got a good team working on it currently, and I'm reluctant to announce release dates until we have final files in hand. We'd rather have firm dates, and cover art to show with the announcement, than a 'maybe x, opps, sorry y... no we really meant...'
I can say the quick start rules are coming along wonderfully! We've got an avid team working on play tests and writing, and they are die hard Honor Harrington fans - so they know the setting very well indeed.

The reasons for D6 - multiple.
It's one of the easiest systems to convert out of for those who want to use another system.
It's extremely adaptable for media and literary licenses.
And the senior member of the business partners behind Final Sword Productions, was one of the original owners of West End Games.
The game system is their in house D6 Epic. A generic rules PDF of D6 Epic was released in 2013, however, there is a full page ad in the A Routine Custom Inspection that advertises a December 2015 release of D6 Epic, so I expect there'll be a new edition quite shortly.

The forum speaks about "Worlds of Honor" as a title of the line, but that phrase doesn't appear in the A Routine In Custom Inspection PDF.

I'm excited to see more Honorverse media. I've been following the Tales of Honor comics gleefully! Also visits to the Google+ community.


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