Saturday, December 17, 2016

No Safe Haven - A Star Wars Rebels adventure for the FFG RPG

Rancor Publishing Group has released a new adventure for the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars RPG for the Rebels animated show. Their work on the Rebels sourcebook was amazing and should be checked out (see it here).

No Safe Haven is a full length Beginner Game Bonus Adventure set on Lothal and influenced by the Star Wars Rebels animated series. This adventure picks up after the events of Escape From Tarkintown, but can also be run as a stand alone adventure.

Lothal is on high alert after Rebel activity has disrupted Imperial operations on the planet. Capital City is on lockdown, with Stormtrooper patrols everywhere. The player characters may have escaped from Tarkintown, but now they are considered part of the Rebel cell and wanted by the Empire. They will have to use every disguise, trick, and contact at their disposal to try and get off the planet before they are captured and find themselves rotting away in an Imperial prison for the rest of their lives. Do the players have what it take to find a safe Haven with alert Imperials around every corner?

No Safe Haven includes the following:
  • Two new pre-made PC portfolios: a Mirialan Pilot and a Bothan Diplomat.
  • A full-length adventure in Three Acts.
  • An original custom map for a key scene in the adventure.
  • Original rules for playing the popular card game pazaak, aiming to capture the feel of the original whilst allowing for narrative twists.
  • A section with suggestions on how to integrate or adapt this adventure into your own existing campaign.
Thanks again for all the support from the community, and we hope you enjoy this latest release!

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