Thursday, December 22, 2016

Sky Wars: Edge of the Kingdom beta

The Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars roleplaying game is an absolute gem. Its no secret to the RPG industry and to anyone who has ever seen this blog. They've handled the enormous license with respect and professional care. The only problem with the game is that the system mechanics are so slick that its a bit of a shame that they're only available for the Star Wars RPG. As amazing as it is, there are those who would love to port it out of the setting and use it for everything else as well!

There are several forum threads that talk about that very idea. Some of them are direct conversions to other settings. Other discussions are along the lines of recreating the system for more generic uses.

This blog post is about one of those projects that has come along so well that it's in its Beta phase.

Sky Wars: Edge of the Kingdom roleplaying game.

Here is the description and links from their site:

Explore Osfilia, a loose collection of realms still working to recover more than thirty years after the devastation caused by the Sky Wars. Players may choose from eight races, able to become powerful mages, devout paladins, shapeshifting druids or follow any combination of eighteen different career paths.

Using the rules from any of FFG’s Star Wars core rulebooks (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, Force & Destiny), GMs and players will be able to create new adventures in what we hope will be an exciting fantasy sandbox.

Sky Wars: Edge of the Kingdom features:
  • New and updated rules to convert Sci-Fi to Fantasy
  • 8 Races, including Gnomes, Half Orcs, Dark Elves and Golems
  • Pages and pages of gorgeous artwork, donated by over 45 artists from
  • 19 Career trees including Monks, Dragoons, Warlocks, Diplomats and more
  • Brand new ability and spell trees granting fantastic powers and magic to each career
  • Fantasy-based gear including weapons, armor and equipment
  • Sky Wars-era mounts and airships
  • Complete templates for NPCs and Adversaries

PDF of the book
PDF of the character sheet

Sky Wars: Edge of the Kingdom is created by a company called Redshirt Down. The main guys behind this project are Rob Walker, Adam Bourret, and Matt Van Engelen. They were able to gain the support of several artists who contributed top notch work to this project and it is the art that makes all of this hard work feel so amazing and almost official. Check out these examples...

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