Sunday, April 30, 2017

Star Wars Adversaries / SWRPG NPC - non player character database and resource for Star Wars RPGs from FFG

SWRPG NPC is website that collects links to a database of non-player characters for any of the Star Wars RPGs currently published by Fantasy Flight Games (Edge of the Empire, Age of Rebellion, and Force and Destiny). The initial layer is a google sites page that provides links to various filters for the very powerful resource called Star Wars Adversaries.

It is a database of all of the NPCs that appear in the FFG game books, so far. It is quite navigable once in on one of the entries. Entries can be sorted by adventure, book, location, source, species, or tag.

 The presentation of the characters is very clear. One thing I'm glad about, that is a flaw on some character sheets elsewhere, is the separation of rank and roll and how clearly they've labelled them. This presents the clearest concept how the attributes and skill ranks relate to result in the roll. Crystal clear.

The character stat block condenses the list down to just the skills that are improved beyond the base non-ranked. But they've given you the option to list all the skills. Simple check box toggles the list on and off.

Another cool feature is weapons that have the Stun setting. The stat block includes Stun as an option that can be opened. This feature is present for other weapons with other features as well. Very slick.

The Minion feature is also very nicely designed. The stat block for minions has a function that allows the GM to add or subtract the number of minions in the encounter, adjusting the math accordingly. Note the Wounds value also increases with added minions!

one minion
added another by clicking the '+'

this is for four

note the Wounds increased when added one more

Very powerful GM resource. Many many thank yous to the credited work of Stoo Goff.

What a great time to be a Star Wars RPG fan!
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