Saturday, June 10, 2017

Fantasy Age wiki

While searching for Fantasy Age or Blue Rose resources, I came across a website that was exactly what I had set out to find. I just hadn't realized it existed already!

The Fantasy AGE wiki on google sites.

This is a very attractive implementation of the powerful Google Sites product Google offers for free. I'm familiar with the previous version of the service. I haven't done much in this new version and it is delightful to see what is possible with Sites. (here are some of my own projects in their varying states of completeness   d00Lite, OneDice System, Ubiquity System, Vortex System  )

Its a nice site. It also appears to be frequently and recently updated. I hope it continues and thrives. Tis the reason for this post. To spread the word that Fantasy Age Wiki exists. I didn't realize it until tonight!

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