Friday, August 11, 2017

#RPGaDay 2017, day 11 - Which "dead game" would you like to see reborn?

I'd like to see a new James Bond game. The original RPG was wonderful. I just think its such a ripe franchise for action gaming, etc. It has seen some life lately with it's retro-clone, Classified, which is very nice. But I'd like to see an updated and proper RPG for the modern franchise.

Maybe not.

If I was granted a 2nd choice, I'd like to see a good solid plentiful and complete DUNE RPG on the shelf someday. I feel like that would be a Modiphius title these days. They'd probably make a pretty good product. The original RPG never really made it out.

I'd personally like to see one either a James Bond RPG or a DUNE rpg produced by Cubicle 7 with their quality behind it, thinking about their current Lord of the Rings RPGs and Doctor Who RPG. That's the kind of love and attention these games should receive. And Bond would be a natural fit for Cubicle 7, I feel. U.K. and all...

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