Sunday, August 13, 2017

#RPGaDay 2017, day 13 - Describe a game experience that challenged how you play?

In our second session of this new campaign we're all still kind of finding our characters and who they'll be. This is the first time I've ever ran a barbarian in Pathfinder/D&D.

Our party was meeting a priestess of Wisdom in the temple dedicated to wisdom. GM described the grandeur we were seeing as we were lead into her chamber to meet her. I noticed something in his description that seemed to be an accidental contradiction of themes. His campaign word's pantheon is based on the the Seven Virtues which are opposed by the Seven Sins. He described this temple having artwork that illustrated the opposing natures of the seven pairings.

Here we are in the Temple of the Virtue of Wisdom, which opposes the Sin of Luxury. Yet he's going on about how luxurious this place is.

I decided to use this observation as a character motivation- that this kid was looking forward to meeting the Priestess of Wisdom because she opposes luxury. Luxury- something this character has never had and is tempted or envious of, so drawn to those who would help him resist and oppose. Only to find them embracing luxury. "Hypocrisy!" he declared!

Roleplaying continued, yet I was waiting for an NPC, hopefully the priestess herself, or one of my party, to ask why my character was acting so upset. But I had to make my reveal without that. For my character's attitude was going on too long. The poor GM didn't realize until the moment I revealed it that my negative attitude was in character! He thought, me the player, was unhappy about something and having a fit! Everyone seemed relieved once it was clear I was roleplaying and not really pissed off!

I was a little uncomfortable forcing so much spotlight time. My character's actions were rude and short of hostile. It was totally spur of the moment and I hadn't discussed this decision with anyone so it truly was out of the blue. Without breaking character, I was acting like a dick. And the rule established earlier in this blog- don't play with dicks.

But in the end I think the reward was worth it. Some good RP drama. And now a pretty cool schtick for my character to build around.

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