Thursday, August 20, 2009

Batman and Doc Savage

I am excited about an upcoming series from DC Comics featuring Doc Savage and other pulp characters.

Chicago 09: DC NATION: Batman/Doc Savage, JSA, Marcus To

By Troy Brownfield
posted: 09 August 2009 09:33 am ET

Ian Sattler, sporting ten fingers full of multi-colored power rings, warmed up a rowdy crowd as the DC Nation Panel opened on Saturday at Wizard's Chicago Comic-con. The line, possibly the longest of the day, fed into a packed room. Sattler drew applause by ticking off some of the recent DC successes, including Batman and Robin, Blackest Night, and more. He continued to suggest a lot of “awesome” thing coming down the pike.

The panel included Freddie Williams, JG Jones, JT Krul, Francis Manupal, Art Balthazar and Franco from Tiny Titans, Brian Azzarello, and Chris Yost.

Title discussion opened with a JG Jones image of Batman/Doc Savage to be written by Brian Azzarello. The story presupposed a neophyte Batman in a world where Doc Savage is already established. The universe will contain Doc Savage, Blackhawk, The Spirit, Black Canary, and The Avenger (which drew some laughs from fans not familiar with the pulp hero of the singular nomenclature; Sattler joked “Big announcement!”). Sattler explained that it’s a world of blended science (hot air balloons, big computers tommy guns), but no super powers or magic. Rags Morales is drawing the series that follows the special, which drops in November.

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