Sunday, August 2, 2009

Indiana Jones and the Army of the Dead

STARLOG is reporting new Indiana Jones novels on the way...

MEDIALOG: Indiana Jones vs. the Zombis!

Indiana Jones returns to bookstores in September in what looks like the start of a new series of novel adventures from Del Rey Books (essentially launched by last summer’s bestselling INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL novelization by James Rollins). Veteran pulpster Steve Perry has written INDIANA JONES AND THE ARMY OF THE DEAD which takes Indy and pal “Mac” Michale (from CRYSTAL SKULL) to Haiti and an eerie encounter with voodoo and a legion of zombis! If zombies (or zombis) are good enough for Marvel Comics and Jane Austen, why not Indiana Jones? Incidentally, the original Indy paperbacks published in the 1990s by Bantam (and written by Rob MacGregor, Max McCoy and the late Martin Caidin) are all pretty good. They were republished last year to tie-in with CRYSTAL SKULL and copies are still available in many bookstores. If you need more Indy, STARLOG recommends them.

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