Sunday, August 2, 2009

Joe Dante On Gremlins 3

In 2004 they said no. Looks like they've changed their minds and Gremlins 3 is a possible go...

Gizmo to return in remake?
Shut your curtains now. Rumours of a Gremlins 3 have been doing the rounds since they finished cleaning up splattered mogwai off the set of part 2, but the plot just thickened slightly with Joe Dante suggesting that a third, CGI-ied instalment may finally be in works.

"I hear they're going to make another one soon," the Gremlins director told us. "I can see why - it would be stupid to let that title go to waste." Just don't expect a straight sequel. "The actors from the first two are too old to do a proper sequel, so I'm sure when the new one arrives it will be a remake of the original."

If this sounds like hearsay from Dante, who'd be surprised to find another classic added to the '80s remake frenzy gripping Hollywood?

Whatever the outcome, Gremlins creator Chris Columbus won't be on board. "I haven't heard about it," Columbus told Empire. "If they do the monsters with CGI, I don't know if it would be the same. They should go back and do it with puppets again, though at this point I wouldn't be interested in being involved."

So what are you thoughts? Is it time for another visit to Mr. Wing's Chinese emporium or should Gizmo and co. be consigned to the dusty shoebox of movie nostalgia?

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