Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Meek

Web comics can be a nice thing. There are so many that if you look long and hard enough you can find one that fits into your favorite genre. The problem with them is that the vast majority of web comics are just not good. A while back I was lucky enough to discover one of the best early in its run.

The Meek is an ongoing sci-fi/fantasy about three characters and their... well here's the creator's own words:

The Meek is a science-fiction/fantasy graphic novel in progress, and my largest project to date. The story revolves around three main characters and their struggle to control the fate of mankind. And giant battle salamanders.

The comic is currently updating at least once a week. You can read the comic and related info on its website,

About a month ago chapter 1 completed at 45 pages. Chapter 2 launched today!

The Meek is created by alexds1 or also known as Dershing Helmer (see the DeviantArt account here). There are a few things that I really like about this comic. I love the art, and specifically I love how the characters are not particularly beautiful. They are quite ordinary in appearance which makes them more believable and thus, beautiful. I also get a sense of magic in the story, the kind of magic you find in some of the Miyazaki films. This is a tremendous labor of love. At this time it looks like no plans to release The Meek in print. I hope this changes. I, for one, will be purchasing it if it does hit shelves someday.
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