Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dark Void

Dark Void is a rocketman video game coming out from Capcom. Looks like good old fashion Buck Rogers fun.

Brad Pitt may be on for the movie adaption... wait- a movie adaption!? Nice.

Brad Pitt To Star In ‘Dark Void’ Adaptation? Maybe, But Not Likely

Dark Void
Reports have been coating the Internet over the past few days that a new movie is being made based on the multi-platform video game, Dark Void, and that mega-star Brad Pitt could possibly star in the lead role. Reliance Entertainment and Pitt’s Plan B Entertainment have officially acquired the rights to the property and are currently developing the idea.
There’s a tiny bit of a problems with stories like this, however, as none of it is nearly as likely as it sounds through the eyes. First, and most importantly, is the fact thatDark Void is a video game that no one knows much about yet — it could be the greatest game ever made, it could be the worst ever made; no one will really know until the game is released in January. The two studios will do their best to develop a good strategy, for sure, but until they see how it does and how the story plays to audiences, this is still a project that might not even happen.

Then there’s the Pitt element. I personally have trouble believing that we’re going to see Brad Pitt starring in a video game adaptation — especially with how game-based movies have fared over time. I suppose there is the small chance that they’ll have a great story to tell and brilliant plan for their movie that would be fitting for the likes of Pitt, but I would not count on it at all. Pitt is not the best actor ever to live, but we all know his status and the projects he does, so him starring in this sounds about as likely as Russell Crowe starring in the possible Dead Space movie.
Dark Void is a new science fiction adventure that tells the story of a cargo pilot and a group of other humans who crash in the Bermuda Triangle, which transports them to a parallel universe. In this universe, an alien species that was thought to be extinct still lives and they must fight the aggressive creatures off to survive.
First things first: let’s see how this game looks and plays before we go getting excited about a movie.

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