Monday, July 26, 2010


Sherlock was great!

The story is told from a typical television perspective, the audience switching and following whoever. It primarily started out following Dr. John Watson which is familiar with the novels. But the 'camera' left John and showed scenes of the police public release with the media and also sometimes followed Sherlock. These Sherlock scenes were interesting using text on screen to follow his logic. A nice way to portray how something so minute appears so obvious to Sherlock like literally reading the pages of a book. It very nicely done. This technique was also used to show the audience what text messages the characters where receiving said (which happens quite a lot in this episode).

The bait and switch 'villain' that paid Watson a visit caught my wife and me and was fantastic as well as quite humorous.

So far I found Sherlock character to be more rude than the novel representation, but this might be evident because of the era. The novelized Holmes may just come off as more polite because of the Victorian era. Had that version of Sherlock been in modern times, this very well could be what he'd be like. I guess I just didn't like him shouting at Ms. Hudson like that.

This first episode, A Study in Pink, went off the tracks in several points from its origin, A Study in Scarlet. Scarlet was the first novel featuring Holmes and Watson and this episode was very faithful to the events that led the two to meet. It was another interesting twist to flip-flop the case's Rache clue like that (in the book it was one of the investigators that assumed the word was the first part of the name Rachel where Holmes figured it to be the German translation for revenge. Here the respective roles were reversed with Holmes correct about it again). Of course the book's villain, Jefferson Hope, was better and even very likable. There was very little appealing about Pink's version of the villain. Sponsored serial killers are an interesting concept, however.
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