Friday, July 2, 2010

Two Mad Max films?

At the risk of reporting on just rumors, check this one out....

Is George Miller Maxing out with TWO new Mad Max Films?
After toiling for decades in development limbo, it looks as though we're finally getting a new Mad Max film (for better or for worse) -- or should we make that two new Mad Maxfilms?
That seems to be the rumor The Playlist is currently touting, pointing out that the current nine-month shoot forMad Max: Fury Road seemed a bit long, and's unconfirmed report that director George Miller is actually shooting two -- count 'em, two -- Mad Maxfilms back-to-back. They even claim that the second film already has a title, Mad Max: Furiosa, and if that's not enough rumorage for ya, Twitch also states that the two films will come out in rapid-fire, Matrix-esque succession, giving Max fans roughly six months in-between each release to catch their breath.
Take this one with a grain, folks, but needless to say, after over 25 years, it'll be cool to see at least one Mad Max flick again.

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