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They say GURPS can do anything. I've even suggested it as the system to adapt this or that setting to a role-playing game once or twice. To further prove this point The Mook has created a GURPS campaign for the '80s cartoon Jem. He ran the session at a convention even though the whole idea started as a dare.

-- from The Mook's website --
Convention Booklet Summary
"Sure, Jem and the Holograms are a late '80s all-girl pop band. Covertly, they are also a squad of CIA-trained international assassins! The latest hit has gone south, the team has been disavowed, and hostiles are everywhere - can they sort things out and make it in from the cold before they're taken out? (Please note that though this game is based on a kid's cartoon, combat will be deadly)."
This game came about, basically, from a dare. I knew I wanted to finally try my hand at GMing a game at a convention, but I hadn't quite decided yet what the game would be. One fine day, I made an off-handed joke to some friends on a forum about a character in a "GURPS: Jem and the Holograms" game with skill in Poisons.
Someone almost immediately replied that they would love to play that game. Then another. And another.
Before I knew it, I had more than enough players for a full table ... and thus was born "GURPS Jem: License to Kill"!
The universe of the game is very similar to that of the Jem cartoon - Jerrica Benton, her sister Kimber, and all of their friends grew up together in a foster home called Starlight House. After her father's death, they formed the music group "Jem and the Holograms," and quickly rose to world-wide fame.
The difference is, in the game universe the Starlight House is actually a CIA front, a training facility where The Agency turns young girls and boys into fully qualified field agents and assassins. They use the popularity of the Holograms as a cover to get their operatives into places and situations they might not otherwise have access to.
More Information
For more on this game, follow the links below:

  • Player Characters
    The game was written for six players at a convention, so I created eight pre-generated characters for them to choose from.
  • GM Materials
    Here you can view/download the adventure itself, a few "extras," and the GM control sheet.
  • Jem - Pilot Episode
    Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, you too can enjoy episodes of Jem anytime, anywhere!

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  1. Not only did it showcase GURPS' strengths to some players who've never played GURPS before ... it was also a helluva lot of fun. :)


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