Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Bili by Slack Scotty

An earlier post introduced my son's Dwarf Wizard - Bili Rockheadminifur for Pathfinder Beginner Box. It gained some traction on Google+ where in Slack Scotty took notice and offered to render the character for us. After sending him the description, Mr Scotty sent back some rough drafts.

Jack's package arrived in the mail today. He was quite pleased with seeing his character "in the flesh". Scotty was quite generous, the envelope contained a colored print, . He wrote Jack a note saying that he has also played dwarf characters in RPGs. Quality stuff here. Thanks again, Slack Scotty!

Jack reads the note, Dad explains what RPG means, Maggie is mildly interested.

Jack looks pleased. Now time for bed!

 BSlack Scotty's DeviantArt site; Google+ profile

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