Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hero Kids

First time out with Hero Kids. Threw this together with very little prep time.

Jack selected the Knight from the pre-generated characters naming him Max Bob Spaniel. Cara [mom] named the Healer, Ilara. We ran the first encounter of Basement O Rats that comes with the core rules PDF. Jack absolutely loved it! Perhaps it wasn't a great idea to run this encounter right before bed. His little mind is still a-whirl as I'm typing this.

The game presentation is simple and very clean. This has a higher quality to it than other similar products. The system is very simple with a tiny bit of crunch. There's even room for a little bit of tactics. The PDFs include maps of for the encounters. Also included are versions for B&W printing in addition to the standard files- so you receive two copies of each product. The adventures are laid out neatly in that they'd be easy for new and novice GMs.

Customer service has been beyond friendly and generous.

game was left on a cliff-hanger due to bedtime...

I highly recommend this for geek parents with offspring.

There is a great Google Plus Community page where one can find much more information about this game and others like it, here- RPGs For Kids .

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  1. We continued a bit of Basement O Rats this morning. In Encounter 4- A Momentary Detour I like how +Justin Halliday leaves it open ended for whatever you want to do with it. I thought to give my son a little bit of an edge (he is a Knight with a 1d6 attack) the luminescent pool would have an encounter that was an eel. After it was quickly dispatched they got the object out of the pool that was the source of the light. It was a magical dagger that glowed while in the water. The Knight is using this as his main weapon now. Whenever he rolls his attack while using the dagger, he will roll 1d8 for his attack. I figure if he was able to roll more than one die, he would roll however many was called for, but one of them would be the d8. Still taking whatever die rolls up highest.

    Awesome game with plenty of wiggle room.


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