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A new company is creating a new game using the Ubiquity RPG system. Siege Tower Games debuts The Menace From Beyond features terrors from the 1950's monster movies with new rules for the game.

Siege Tower Games is proud to announce our first game: The Menace From Beyond!
The Menace From Beyond RPG is inspired by the classic monster movies of the 1950s. It’s got giant ants, radioactive mutants, alien invaders, and sinister communists all plotting to take down the United States and all it stands for! The only thing that can prevent the menace from taking over is your rag-tag group of investigators and citizens whose only advantage is that you’re aware of the threat while others live in denial.
Can you convince the unsuspecting populace to wake up to the danger? Can you survive the onslaught of science and nature run amok? You’ll have to play it to find out!
The Menace From Beyond RPG is powered by the Ubiquity Roleplaying system that brought you Hollow Earth Expedition and so many other great games.
But The Menace From Beyond RPG is more than just a new setting: It will include new mechanics that will be simple and intuitive while at the same allowing you to bring to life the dangers of the survival horror genre and the paranoia-drenched atmosphere of the 50s.
In just a few weeks, you will get to sample The Menace From Beyond RPG for free by downloading a playtest kit from right here on You’ll get to see sample characters, play through several adventures, start exploring the setting and its inhabitants, and kick the tires of the new twists to the rules.
As an early adopter, you’ll even have the chance to give us feedback and get your name in the credits of this book.
Stay tuned, and… Beware!
The Menace from Beyond is coming soon!

Siege Tower Games just updated their release schedule for 2013:
We at Siege Tower Games have made a schedule and we plan on sticking to it. We mean it when we say The Menace From Beyond RPG could be in your hands in a matter of months.
In fact, The Menace From Beyond RPG is basically complete already; because we’re trying some new things with the Ubiquity Roleplaying System, we want to take our time for extensive playtesting to make sure it’s unbearably awesome—as well as to give you a glimpse of what’s coming.
The Menace From Beyond RPG is a cold-war survival horror game of monsters, aliens, and commies, and it runs on the Ubiquity Roleplaying System that powers Hollow Earth Expedition and many other great games.
The Menace From Beyond RPG Project Schedule:
  • April through August 2013: Playtesting and text finalization
  • August 2013: Kickstarter campaign (for art, print run, and accessories)
  • September through December 2013: gather art, complete layout, send to Printer
  • January 2014: Kickstarter supporters get their print shipments
  • May 2014: Books will be available in your FLGS
  • January through December 2014: Release 3 PDF supplements and 3 PDF campaign-connected scenarios. (More on these in an upcoming post!)
Can’t wait to kick some commie butts? We’ll start releasing free samples on this site starting April 4th. If you want, you’ll even be able to give us feedback and get your name in the credits of this book.
Brace yourself—the Menace is coming!


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