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Anachronistic Adventurers collected

LXG 1942 by Markus "exedor3"
Super Genius Games has an interesting line of PDFs for the Pathfinder RPG. This blog took a look at the first release a while ago - Enforcer (here). The idea behind the product is creating characters that somehow become misplaced into a fantasy world, but are from our more familiar modern world, more or less. Similar along the line of John Carter of Mars, DC Comics' Warlord or maybe 1980s Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, what we have are modern pulp character classes that are designed to work in a fantasy setting, like Pathfinder's Golarion. This is not an attempt at a Pathfinder Modern, not overtly. It definitely could be used for something like that, though. Since my initial review five more releases have come out and it looks like the Anachronistic Adventurers line  complete for now.

Super Genius Games uses an option called Archetypes which breaks each of the Classes into narrower foci. These are designed to be compatible with Archetypes from other SGG products apart from the Anachronistic Adventurers line.

Each PDF features one class. They cover the related Archetypes and several of these PDFs also include additional rules, such as alternate Firearms rules (to simplify those presented for the Pathfinder Gunslinger class), as well as variations on magical powers. The six classes are as follows:

The Daredevil - This character covers pulp character types such as Escapists, Masked Adventurers, and Secret Agents, etc.

The Enforcer - These are the soldiers, boxers, martial artists, etc. This PDF has the variation for firearms for Pathfinder.

The Investigator - This is Sherlock Holmes, the doctors, mad scientists. This one features rules for inventing as well as researching.

The Luminary - Celebrities, musicians, con artists. There are rules for Group Attitudes which are interesting- how Diplomacy checks work with crowds such as an audience.

The Sensitive - This is for characters with ESP, profilers fit under this class, and good old pulp magicians. There are Psychic Abilities introduced in this PDF.

The Tough - Weapons masters, gangsters, and wheelmen. This PDF naturally includes vehicle rules.

Markus' artwork makes for an awesome cover!
All of the PDFs have one section that repeats in each of them. This is a mechanic called Progress Levels which deal with technology levels based on Earth historical eras. From the Stone Age (PL 0), Bronze Age (PL 1), through Fusion Age, Gravity Age, and Energy Age (PL 6-PL 8).

These PDFs are orientated in landscape fashion. I figured the spiral binding would work best like a calendar.

The Mook recently combined both of his GURPS books into one hard cover using Lulu's print on demand service. Here's that story. I took inspiration and did a similar thing with my Anachronistic Adventurers books.

The printing I received from Lulu was great except that each "chapter" would have a cover image, but these were solid black or grey blocks instead of the image. All other images in the PDFs translated rather nicely. Just those cover images didn't come across. I fixed this by printing small copies of the covers and applying them nicely in the black box. This also gives a slight separation in the book showing where the chapters begin.

Please note that this project is purely for personal use. It would be unlawful to sell copies of this product as I didn't write any of it, nor create the artwork used. This copy is for my own entertainment and reference at the table.

Images for the covers didn't come across correctly.
Printed my own.

If anything, I hope I can promote the products featured in this blog post, so other fans might go and support their creators. Markus was very kind to let me use his artwork for the cover of this collection. Check out his gallery, he has some awesome artwork! More than just pulp characters. Though, it sound like there's more of that coming!

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